Static Webdesign

If you are looking for a website that does not require much frequent modification, then you can choose static web designing.

Such websites get developed quickly, requires minimal webspace and provides fast web speed.

We first understand your requirement about features required in website, we create a PSD design, take your approve and designs its home page in just 2 working days. We aim to make engaging & SEO friendly website that brings traffic on site + impresses your website users with its innovative design and rich info. Our unique locality wise, city wise, state wise and country wise SEO technques helps your site rank fast on google and helps you to generates more leads and ultimately more sales.

  • Easy to design
  • Easy navigation and browser compatibility
  • User-friendly interface
  • Changes can be done in the layout as and when required
  • Fast downloading of brochures or images
  • High quality images
  • Viewing the site before it is uploaded

Why Sprout Websolutions For Static Designing

. We, Sprout web Solutions, offer services that are aimed to enhance the growth and development of your business. Moreover, our sole intention is to not only retain the existing users but also attract prospective customers.

Features Of Static Website

Static Websites are easy to design work our experienced designers, since it starts with creating 2-3 impressive PSD designs to show and get your opinion. Upon your selection, designers move to convert PSD to HTML with 100% hand coding. We are able to deliver website of upto 10 pages within 7 working days.

Affordable static site is what, you can expect from SPROUT WEBSOLUTIONS. We make high quality sites at very competitive price in the market. Cheap is price for the website, not the quality. Its understood that static websites dont require admin panel, so site requires quick development time, less web-space and delivered fast.

Website is made using coding that supports all browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc. Your website should be accessible by all types of users, no matter they are coming from which location and browsing your site in which browser. Our developers test sites in all browsers before delivery.

Web pages designed by us are made flexible in terms of changes, compatibility in diff. browsers or devices support such as mobile responsiveness. All features are available with us, if you need that. At any point of time, if you want to change look-n-feel of your static site, its possible.

Web speed is very important part, what we keep in mind. Our technicians use optimized images (less in size -kbs) to ensure high speed loading of your website. Banners that we design, images that we use in your website & plugins that we integrate are tested to make sure, these dont make your website too heavy to load.

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